Project Management Essence
Getting, not Copying


A project manager of software development projects is faced with so many requirements that he has to be a real all-rounder. He should plan, motivate, control, communicate, monitor and much more. Because of all the tasks and demands, it is sometimes difficult to see what really matters.

In this book we go into the individual core tasks of a project manager and show what the actual purpose of each task is in order to understand its essence.

The book is divided into the following three thematic blocks:

  • Preparation and start of a project
  • Implementation and completion of a project
  • Roles and Relationships

With this knowledge you can control your projects much more focused and effective, because you now understand why exactly you do something or when you can leave something out. This allows you to adapt your actions to the situation and optimally influence your projects. Since effective project management consists of both craft and soft factors, both subject areas are addressed equally.